How To Build Your Blog Readership To Increase Traffic

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Build Blog Readership
Your blog is not only a blog to deliver content to the visitors. It's your voice who speaks in behalf of you. You need to write for readers not for the visitors. If visitors land on your blog and they don't understand what you are trying to say then surely they will not convert into your readers. Generating traffic is not enough if you are not able to build strong readership for your blog. Good readership can help you to achieve your goals of blogging. Don't work to build only traffic, works for maintaining and building best reading experience for your visitors so that they love to read what you write for them. Today, I am going to share my own way to build a consistent readership to convert your blog into a diary for internet world.

Tips to Build Readership

Below are some best tips that works to enhance blog readership and to improve relations with visitors to convert them into regular readers. Readers are the returning visitors that are same important as new visitors to maintain your blog traffic. Let's learn how to achieve it.

Write for Readers, Not for Visitors

You try to write best quality articles for your blog. But this is not enough. There are thousands of blogs into same niche which you have and their blog owners are also generating high quality articles. The thing which you need to convert your blog visitor into reader is that write by following a plan. By plan, I mean to say that whenever you write new post try to give hint to your readers about your future post so that they can come back to read it. It will not only improve your blog traffic but also your one time visitor will convert into your long time reader.

Call to Action

Writing for readers is the first step but what if they feel that you are not interacting with them. Convert your writing into a conversion like you are directly talking with them. Add a strong reason to call a action into your posts. Below every post you need to convey your visitors to leave a comment so that you can reply them. If they feel that there is someone who is interacting with them then why they will not come back.

Be Consistent, Not Regular

You may already know that posting regularly is the best practice to enhance your blog traffic and ranking in search engines. But this is not enough to build a powerful blog readership. You need to be consistent to make your blog a community of bloggers. Stick with a particular time and deliver content regularly on the same time. Your visitors should know when they will get new and fresh content so that they can land on your blog and read new written content. If you are not able to stick with a particular time, then you can use Schedule Post feature in blogger which is the perfect tool to schedule your posts for auto posting.

Your Turn!

This was all about on how to build strong blog readership. I have shared my own way with you guys. Now this is your turn to work for your blog. Always remember that not only work for traffic but also work for maintaining readership to give your readers a memorable reading experience.



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